My work represents an ongoing study of daily life routines, from personal to communal spaces. I am particularly interested in the overlooked details within a larger frame. I focus on shapes, lines, shadows and light.

I am equally fascinated and continuously explore the idea of our relationship with technology, and our growing environmental concerns. I explore my thoughts on this topic through works which are geometric.

Throughout all my work, I experiment with color, perspective, reality, distortion and its possibilities. I observe the relationship between light, air and solid spaces, and seek through color an interconnectivity and synergy within all the parts, with an emphasis on the concealed or overlooked.

Within this realm, I seek to explore the beauty in the simplicity that lies within the layers of complexity.


All my work takes at least one to several months to produce as I work with oil paints in combination with environmental mediums, which take longer to dry. To obtain the rich, creamy, smooth layers, my work requires multiple layers of paint. It is a time evolving process with drying periods between days to weeks in between each layer, depending on the paint’s performance and other environmental aspects.